Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M. Vics and 60 minutes

Did you hear the truly remorseful tone in his voice (not). I do have to say that it was well scripted....I wonder if a teleprompter was present. Well, Vics may not endorse dog fighting again, but i think he got the point about animal cruelty. However, I don't think I got the point either because I still eat meat. I love me "some" fried chicken, steak and potatoes, and hamburgers. We slaughter cows, pigs, and chickens without hesitation. Can anyone truly throw the first stone.

I am really trying to be more consistent with my beliefs, but as i age I am finding it hard to change. So, I am just sticking with a few (caring for my designer pets), donating money to charities, and only feeling a little guilty about eating meat.,

What belief or social norm do you feel guilty about?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am signing Moby up for Obedience training(end of August is the start date). Yea, I know the traiing is really for me. So, I have started training him now. He is so cute. He walks on a leash pretty well. However, I want him to do well off leash. The training lessons in my state seem pretty reasonable. 6 weeks $100.00. I have taught him how to sit and almost wait. It is tiring.....I am trying the non punishment method. Just using rewards. The first time, i was pretty aggressive with him and he peed on the floor. The next time i tried to pick him up---he peed again. I suppose he was associating my touch with something negative...that really upset.... So, i try to be extra patient with him. I think the chihuahua is a breed that will work for treats....most of the training occur in the morning. I exercise, discipline, and affection as quoted by Cesear Millan. I have also noticed that alot of his videos are repeat episodes from his shows. So i am watching reruns...i think the funny ones are when the dog suddenly snaps at the owner and the owner looks fighten...cracks me up every time (i know that is not nice, but it does). I am glad people adopt rescue dogs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Moby 6 weeks

This is Moby at 7 weeks. He weighs about 4 pounds. I was told that he would get between 10 and 14 pounds. However, since he was neutered at 5 months...It might be closer to the 10 pounds range. I was told that since he was neutered young, the loss of tetesterone one would limit his growth.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malik at 4 years

Malik is slowing down a little bit. He is a little overweight and not that active. However, he is eager to have fun (especially if it involves food).

Moby 6 months

This is Moby at 6 months. Dew claws have healed and he is back to running around.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

6 months

Well, it has been a hectic month. Decided to start post because of problems I had with the vet. Maybe someone can give advice about picking vet.

I adopted Moby from a pet store. Yes, I know about puppy mill. However this was from the owners litter and I had seen the mom before, so i was pretty confident about the health of the pups and i knew the owner was not mass breeding his dog. As stated before, Moby is a Chug...

First problem ...Moby and Malik did not get along too well. Malik is a 4 year old puggle. Very nice and well-behaved... I was surprised that Malik was very timid around Moby...but Moby was running around like a mad man. So, of course, i did not leave them alone together.

Fast forward 2 months later.. Moby is now 5 months and he snags one of his back dew claws and he is bleeding all over the place. I was frantic...I called my normal vet....they could not get him in for a emergency visit. So i took him to the closed veterinary clinic that would see him right away.