Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M. Vics and 60 minutes

Did you hear the truly remorseful tone in his voice (not). I do have to say that it was well scripted....I wonder if a teleprompter was present. Well, Vics may not endorse dog fighting again, but i think he got the point about animal cruelty. However, I don't think I got the point either because I still eat meat. I love me "some" fried chicken, steak and potatoes, and hamburgers. We slaughter cows, pigs, and chickens without hesitation. Can anyone truly throw the first stone.

I am really trying to be more consistent with my beliefs, but as i age I am finding it hard to change. So, I am just sticking with a few (caring for my designer pets), donating money to charities, and only feeling a little guilty about eating meat.,

What belief or social norm do you feel guilty about?

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